Thursday, April 23, 2009


Nathan and I are very excited about our upcoming graduation from Utah State University on May 2nd. It should be a very fun day and we are excited to spend it with whom ever wishes to join! Nathan is still continuing the job hunt, its hard because companies just aren't hiring and no one is retiring! We are planing on going up to Washington and Oregon the week after graduation for Nathan's mini baja tournament. He is still hoping that they can get their baja ready, they've hit some glitches. I am looking into working at the University's art museum this summer, I really hope I get the position! All else fails Nathan and I will head to grad school. Nathan is thinking he might be interested in getting his MBA, and I am considering a masters in Art History. Thats about all thats going on! This week is our last week of classes, ever! (unless we go to grad school)
Finals are next week, cross your fingers, there's going to be a lot of late nights!