Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Keys to a new life

Just to bring everyone up to date, since the last week or so has been super chaotic, we are now officially homeowners! We closed on Monday and received the keys to our new place yesterday. We are relieved that everything is finally done! Nathan has his mind set on moving in this weekend, which means that we have to go buy a fridge, clean (both places) and pack. Nathan doesn't think we need to do much cleaning to our new place, but I am seriously scrubbing the place down! It grosses me out not to! So these next few days will be super crazy as well. Nathan and I have been debating paint colors and furniture arrangements and much to my surprise I actually let him pick out the main color that will be in the living room or loft! He picked Orange, I'm very excited about it! It will be a really good color, with our sage green couches we are thinking more of a pumpkin orange. The trick will be for me to make it more contemporary and less traditional (which you can do with some great pillows). We are just both excited to have a home and incorporate our own style!
Other fun news, we will be going to Canada probably over the weekend of October 24th and I have started my docent position at the local art museum. The art museum in St. George is very different from the one in Logan, its a lot less formal which is very different. And yes I can now officially say I have seen an incredible amount of southern utah landscapes. The museum does have a handful of contemporary abstract pieces which I am instantly drawn to, in a sea of red rock landscapes they are refreshingly original.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cravings and Prego updates

I thought I would post a little blip about how the pregnancy is going and my latest cravings, so far my most intense cravings have been for cheese and eggo waffles, but not together, that would be gross. Cheese is the hard one, being somewhat lactose in tolerant cheese doesn't exactly mix with me, but when its all I want to eat I've been in a world of catch 22 with food. Nathan thinks its pretty funny, when all I want to eat are grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, cheetos, cheese sandwiches, crackers and cheese, apples and cheese, the list goes on and on! Also, for the last week or so I've been wanting to eat frozen waffles, for some reason, they just are amazingly tasty to me. After I toast them I put butter and syrup on them and pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds and I'm in heaven! This pregnancy has been giving us mostly laughs and some scares. I did have a situation about two weeks ago where we thought I had miscarried. I had an emergency appointment with my doctor and while everything looked great on the ultrasound, Lentil was even dancing, we couldn't figure out what happened. So for the two weeks after I had to be really careful because I was a "threatened miscarriage". My next appointment is tomorrow, and I feel really positive about things, and we feel the scare is long past. I also had the chance to go on a maternity shopping spree with my cousin and aunt last weekend, to Motherhood Maternity. I think I bought out the whole store! Its sad when your maternity clothes are cuter and more artsy than your non prego clothes! I love them and I'm excited to wear them throughout my pregnancy, I couldn't believe that I even found pants long enough! MIRACLE!
Ps- Nathan and I have a bet going, he thinks its a boy and I think its a girl... can't wait to see who wins!