Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial day and Job Interview!

Over Memorial Day weekend, Nathan and I headed down to St. George for a job interview. Nathan received a phone call the previous thursday/friday asking him if he was available for an interview on tuesday. The interview went well and apparently it is between Nathan and another engineer. We are supposed to hear from the company this week as to whether or not they wish to hire Nathan. Nathan is extremely excited as to the possibility of living in St. George, he prefers that weather to Logan temperatures. Wonder why?! I am getting more excited about the possibility to be living down south in a bigger city, (especially since there is a Target, In-and-Out, Spoon Me and Tai Pan Trading located in St. George, all of which are NOT located in Logan!). We are really crossing our fingers for this opportunity for Nathan to grow and gain experience as an engineer. We will keep you all posted! 

During the first part of Memorial Day we had the chance to visit family and place flowers on loved ones graves. As you can image this was an emotional holiday, especially with Mother's Day a few weeks ago. 

Fun in Tacoma, Washington

My Felgar grandparents with Nathan on the Glass Bridge
Beautiful bridges and highways! yes I'm a sucker for taking pictures of trees even if they are along the roadside! What can I say? I LOVE GREEN!
The famous Glass Bridge

Nathan and I amongst the glass sculptures on the Glass Bridge

Mini Baja competition in Portland, Oregon!

The baja going up the "hill climb" event! This was a nasty course, only a handful of the teams made it up, USU was one of them!
The famous rear suspension! No other team had anything like it! everyone was taking pictures of it!!!
Nathan sitting in the baja during registration
Steph at the park across from the Lloyd's Center Mall
Nathan eating his ice cream bar at the Park 


On May 2nd, 2009 Nathan and I graduated from Utah State University. Even in the rain it was a delightful day and we are very grateful to those who braved the pouring rain to share this moment with us!