Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bonjour-Hi from Montreal

Nathan and I are enjoying our trip out to Montreal and we've had some very fun adventures! Getting to our hotel was probably the craziest. After we arrived in Montreal we debated whether we should take a taxi or try to find a shuttle to our hotel. A taxi from the airport starts at $35 dollars so we decided to try to find another route. Montreal doesn't have free shuttles to hotels like back home so we had to buy a bus ticket and take a bus to the bus depot and board a shuttle there that would go to most hotels. It took us about an hour to get to our hotel but we were grateful that we choose the bus route as the traffic was extremely bad and the taxi would have been even more expensive then originally thought.

Our hotel is in chinatown in downtown Montreal!!!! I have been to chinatown in San Francisco but this was completely different! It may have been chinatown but everyone still spoke french! Nathan and I had a great time just walking around the city, going to Old Montreal which looks a lot like Europe (so I am told, I'll get there eventually) and the Old Port. We were excited to discover that Notre Dame Basilica was just a block away, which was something we both really wanted to see. It was a beautiful basilica, I can only imagine what Notre Dame in France is like. We've also explored the shopping district and I'm so proud of myself for not buying anything!

Being pregnant and traveling hasn't been too difficult, with all the walking we've done I'm sore in places I never knew I could be sore in :) Nathan reminds me that his legs are sore too, so that I don't feel like such a wimp. The hardest challenge for me so far was breakfast. Montreal isn't a super big on breakfast, most people just grab their morning coffee and a croissant. So our first morning Nathan left early to go find some breakfast. I'm so grateful for him, he walked about a mile before he found a little cafe and brought back some bagels and fruit. What a life saver! (Heads up the bagels here are reported to be better than in New York, they are a lot less dense) After that we asked around and found and IGA, which is their grocery store, and it was pretty close. We bought some breakfast items and some snacks so we wouldn't be in such a rush to find food in the morning.

We have eaten at some really great restaurants, I haven't tried Poutin yet which is a local favorite, but we have eaten some Crepes. I discovered that I'm much more of a dessert crepe person and Nathan discovered that he doesn't really like them in any form, but we are glad we tried them! We also ate at a pizza place called Pizzadelic, the pizza here has very thin crust which was heavenly and our Barq's Rootbeer was made with real sugar!!! not high fructose corn syrup like back home! (it tasted more like Coke from Mexico) so good so good! Also we have come to LOVE the Formage Nature (cheesecake) here, its not as rich and softer than back home and oh so DELICIOUS!!! I will miss all the cheese that they eat here with EVERYTHING and the desserts!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Never a dull moment!

Nathan rocking his pink tie for breast cancer awareness month
The much sought after belly pic with awesome elastic pants!
I chopped off my hair again and this time went red!!

BIG changes

Lentil doing a dance for us!!
Moving in

Last weekend we moved into our new house with the help of some guys from our new ward (you offer them pizza and they'll do anything!). We had five or six guys show up so loading up our old place and unloading at our new house went pretty fast. We really appreciate all the help from people that didn't even really know us!!! Thanks new wardies!!! Now that we are in our new place the task of unpacking and cleaning seems daunting. We have been doing a little bit each day, so the mass of cardboard boxes scattered throughout the living room has been dramatically depleted but we still have so much left to do. I don't remember it taking us this long to unpack when we moved into our apartment in Logan, and we basically have the same amount of stuff.

Nathan has been enjoying work and is getting more and more excited about being a dad as the days go on! He loves that I'm already showing, even though I think I'm too early to be showing this much. He's also getting very excited for our upcoming trip to Montreal!! The other thing Nathan is really into is reading The Count of Monte Cristo, its funny because he bought it for me but I can only read it when he's not home because he'll take it over! So I'm waiting until he catches up to where I'm at in the book so we can read it out loud together. He told me the other day how he wasn't a reader until he married me and now he can't stop, its good to know I'm brushing off on him in little ways!

I have been enjoying giving tours to the 5th graders at the art museum, these kids really blow my mind! I must have been a super disciplined child because the majority of these 5th graders have an incredibly hard time staying in groups and following directions. Yes I understand that they are on a field trip and how liberating it is to be out of school, but honestly I feel like these kids have the attention span of 1st graders not 5th graders. They have extremely entertaining to observe on a psychological level but as a docent, it can be very exhausting! Nonetheless, its fun to entertain art centered conversations on their level, they come up with the most interesting ideas.

Lentil is doing well, I have had the chance to hear its heartbeat on my last two appointments and it is very surreal. I still can't believe there is someone in there. Although I do look like I've swallowed a mini basketball, so I know its in there. I know I will get bigger but man I feel huge already! I swear I shouldn't be showing this much for 17 weeks. Also we will officially find out its sex on November 6th, and I am counting down the days. SO stay tuned because we'll definitely post it!!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Fridge!

The reason why I'm so excited about our fridge is that Nathan and I picked it out! The majority of our stuff has been given to us and we are incredibly grateful for it, but its always fun to pick out something new that is your style! SO here is a picture of our new fridge!!! The only difference is that ours is black, we were going to get a stainless one but our other appliances
(the range, microwave and dishwasher) are all black. So we opted for the black one! It was just delivered today and we got such a super great deal on it that we are overjoyed! Thank you Lowes! We were able to buy the floor model because they didn't have any in stock, saving us about $400.00! Lately we have felt like Lowes has become our second home, as we have had many little projects for our new house. We were also able to change out the locks which helps our sense of security. Its always a good idea when you buy a home to change the locks, you never know who has keys, and yes I am that paranoid. Nathan has done so much, I am very grateful and proud to have married such a great guy! A few more things to do and then we'll be moving in!