Saturday, January 22, 2011

Amelia's Hand

We have received many phone calls this past week asking how Amelia's hand is healing so we thought we should update our blog. On January 3rd, Amelia had her 9 month appointment in the morning and she was very well behaved. The pediatrician was slightly concerned because she had grown a lot length wise but due to the flu (which she had before christmas) she hasn't put on much weight. So cheese, yogurt and pasta were foods we had the okay to use to put some pounds on her. By the way, she LOVES yogurt now. Two hours after we arrived home we were back at the pediatricians office because I turned around for a moment and Amelia (who was on the other side of the room) crawled to the gas fireplace and touched it, burning her left hand. She had second degree burns, which created a massive blister on her palm and blisters on her fingertips. She was hysterical and I was hysterical. Thank goodness Nathan was calm and level headed.

Amelia was such a trooper, that first day was rough. They didn't want her crawling to pop the blisters so we had to practically hold her the whole day. She ended up popping the blister on her palm sometime during the night anyway. By day two she was crawling around like nothing had happened. She even left her band-aids alone, except she liked to suck on the sock that we put on her hand to protect the band-aids. Its almost been 3 weeks and her hand is almost completely healed.
After we got home from the pediatricians
A few days later, rocking out the sock look
A week later, her finger blisters were peeling
Just a few days ago, you can see how big the blister was on her palm but its getting better!
This morning, looking better each day.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Twilight to Midnight

I was asked about a month ago if I would be part of a group of local artists that would do a sidewalk chalk art piece for St. George's New Years Eve celebration, Twilight to Midnight. First off, I'm really quite shy with my art work. So the fact that I said yes, knowing my piece would be viewed by many people was quite the shock. I have been in nervous anticipation for the past month, my eye has even been twitching, which just added to bucket of emotions. But low and behold on Friday, in the 25 degree weather, adorned in four layers of clothing I completed my piece. Everything went pretty well, except I forgot to bring something to kneel on so my knees are pretty bruised and sore. Kneeling on cold concrete for a few hours will do that. Here are some pics of my piece, and some of the other pieces. My piece is abstract so keep that in mind. It was really neat to see so many different styles of art and the artists behind the work.

Some of the finished pieces.
My piece is the bottom right.
Fellow artists at work.
My piece. Sorry its not a better photo.

Holiday Fun

Amelia turned 9 months old
The tail end of Amelia's cheesy grin. She does it all the time. Its hilarious. AND you can see her two bottom teeth.

We had some INSANE weather. A full week of nonstop rain which caused some flooding and then snow. Never thought I would see white stuff living here.
Amelia loves playing with her little car/walker toy. This pic is especially for grandma and papa willy.
Met up with my best friend Joanna and her family and took the kids to the planetarium. It was beyond AWESOME to see her.
Amelia and Nathan at the planetarium.
For the Evans family: THE PURPLE BIRD IS BACK! (yes this is the original- consider the game BACK ON!) for everyone else, this fantastic tacky creature is a family christmas tradition, and it given to the unsuspecting recipient trojan horse style. I received it this year after many years of it being lost, it was in a christmas platter box. I should have known better. Who gives someone a christmas platter on christmas?!
Amelia LOVED climbing over the mountain of wrapping paper and boxes.
Nathan helped Amelia open her presents, she did a pretty good job unwrapping.
We took luminaries to my mothers grave christmas eve. It was the first year we have done it and apparently it is quite the christmas eve tradition. The cemetery looked beautiful with the snow and luminaries everywhere. There were tons of families there singing carols too.
Amelia in her christmas pj's. She was pretty excited to open a present.
Amelia and Nellie during the christmas eve party.
Amelia even learned to ride a bike. We start them young in this family. (Actually this bike was a present for a little girl in my grandparents ward, Amelia made sure it was in good working order)