Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The last bit of summer fun...

Amelia is starting to come down with a cold so I thought while she is sitting quietly next to me watching some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse I would update the bloggity blog.  I've been meaning to jump on here and post something but its virtually impossible during the day with Amelia, she tends to want to take over what ever I'm doing.  Our summer has flown by and I didn't get as many projects done as I would have liked but thats alright.  I am really looking forward to the fall and the cooler weather, its nice to be able to play outside again.  It really is hard when your toddler wants to play outside but it's too hot to do so.

Our last trip of the summer was in August.  Nathan's sister Sharon graduated from the "college in utah county that we don't not mention its name".  8 out of 10 of Nathan's siblings were able to attend so we had a mini Wheeler reunion of sorts.  It was so much fun to visit and see family.  Amelia loved seeing all her cousins, even though she can be quite shy and timid around people.  We went on a fun little hike up to Bridal Falls in Provo canyon with everyone.  Amelia thought feeding the fish was the coolest thing, in fact thats all she was interested in doing.  She sure does love fish, but not to eat.  We also went to Wicked with most of Nathan's family.  It was FANTASTIC.  I would highly recommend it to anyone.  Its currently playing in Las Vegas and I've toyed with the idea of seeing it again.  I loved how a lot of us Wheeler gals were singing along ( I should say mouthing along), it was really hard not to.

While we were up north for Sharon's graduation we also visited with Nathan's grandma, and my family. We tried to see as many people as we could but it seems like we are always short on time. We did manage to squeeze in a session of family photos, which was quite the adventure in itself.  Amelia was well behaved for the first 10-15 minutes or so but then for the last 30 minutes she just cried.  I can't tell you how much I loved being "that parent with the screaming child".  Lovely.  Just lovely.  We also visited my best friend who just moved from Logan to Utah county, she is now 3.5 hrs away instead of 6 and I couldn't be more excited.  Our girls played like they hadn't even been away from each other, minus a few sharing problems.

Amelia is quite the character.  Her favorite thing to say to me is "no way mommy!" I think she is 2.5 going on 13 some days.  She is really into cooking lately, she loves to play with her play kitchen and chop all of her wooden vegetables.  She even makes "nummy's" for her stuffed animals.  If she knows you are making something in the kitchen she wants to be helping.  She's also getting into Mickey Mouse, she is constantly wanting Nathan and I to draw Minnie or Mickey. Or she will scribble and come show us and tell us its Mickey.  I'm so grateful she hasn't gotten into princess'.  I'm sure that day will come, I'm just glad its not yet.  She still has her little entourage of stuffed animal friends that go most places with us, Curious George, Sheepie and Puppy are glued to her side most days.  She is still picky with food but she has put on about 1.5 lbs which is great for her.  I'm hoping that at her 3 year old check up she won't be in the 9th percentile for weight any longer. 

Some new and exciting things have happened for us....wait for it....wait for it....are you thinking Amelia will be a big sister?! 

Well you'd be wrong.  We got a piano!  Didn't see that one coming, did ya?!  My dad brought down my mom's piano for me, its the last thing that belong to my mom that I haven't brought down to our house.  Its been hanging out at my Dad's house until we could coordinate schedules to get it down here.  Amelia loves it.  She plays on it almost everyday and even sings.  I'm still getting used to having it here and the new layout of my living room.  I can't wait for Amelia to take lessons in a few years, hopefully it will click for her, unlike myself.   Lets see.... the other exciting things we are doing is car shopping.  Since moving down to southern Utah our Nissan has had nothing but problems.  Luckily Nathan just drives it to and from work which is less than 10 minutes away.  It really has turned into such a lemon of a car, so we are ditching it for something better.  This is the first time Nathan's gone car shopping and he is really enjoying it.  He currently has his heart set on a Subaru, but we'll see.  I am looking forward to not worry about the Nissan always stalling out.  

We are also headed to Los Angeles, California, in October.  I think it will be our last trip of the year.  I'm hoping to go to the Getty and take Amelia to some fun places.  If we have time we might go to the beach for Amelia.  I'm really looking forward to October, its my favorite month with my favorite holiday.  If only I could figure out what Amelia should be this year.... We are just excited to have Nathan around for halloween, last year he was on a business trip and missed all the fun.  

Hope you all had a good summer, and happy autumn. 

Family photos

The 3 musketeers

Close up. Gotta love that red hair.

The only time Amelia was happy during family photos was when she was jumping on the bed prop.

 Amelia tears. Taking family photos is just so terrible.

 Amelia chalking it up.

 Amelia came to Roman Art camp one day this summer, this is her wearing her Bulla (good luck charm) and carrying her Roman shield.

Nathan and I at Aladdin at Tuacahn. Complete with 3D glasses. 

Bridal Falls. Notice our t-shirts, Nathan said we needed to make sure that although we were in utah county they knew we were not fans of that unmentionable school. He's hilarious. 

Nathan and Amelia feeding the fish at Bridal Falls.

WICKED. Need i say more?!