Sunday, July 10, 2011

Procrastination is fun, sometimes.

So its been awhile... I have been checking other blogs pretty regular and I keep telling myself that I need to update my own, but I'm kinda famous for procrastinating. I'm bribing myself with a treat if I update this blog. Sad but true. So aren't you a lucky audience?! You now get an update all because of a wonderful treat motivating me to update this. To bad I can't share my treat with you. I would if I could. Maybe.

So we went to Minnesota successfully and had a blast. Amelia did really well on the flights out to Minnesota but on the return flight from Denver to Vegas, she kinda had a rough time. She was overtired and wanted to run around but it was a full flight. She fell asleep just as we were making our decent into Vegas. We had a lot of fun hanging out with Grant's family and Steven's family. Amish people are nice and Amish children like to stare at your vehicle. The Mall of America is a fabulous place. Simply fabulous. Nathan hung out in the amusement park, riding roller coasters and I window shopped. I can't believe I didn't BUY ANYTHING. Are you shocked? I sure am. However going to Ikea sure changed that. My sister in law Kara and I are huge Ikea fans, and we spent a good amount of time throwing around design ideas. I guess I helped inspire her because the next day she went back and had quite fun shopping. Side note: the funniest thing about the Mall of America is that the PC store is right across from the Apple Store.

My dad and sister also stopped by for a fun little visit. Amelia really loves playing with her Grandpa Dave. Katie spent 1/2 the time they were visiting sick, so that was quite unfortunate. We are so glad they made it home safely and Katie is doing much better. We were able to see them again over the 4th of July weekend when we went up north. Our trip up to Salt Lake would have been completely awesome if my grandparents had not been in Illinois. I know they really missed seeing Amelia. We were able to visit with my BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD <---she's so special I had to use caps lock. We went to the zoo with Joanna (best friend) and the Norton family (which are my second family) to celebrate Joanna's daughters 3rd birthday. The zoo had animated dinosaurs and Amelia loved them. After a fun time at the zoo we had lunch at our special spot. The Pie. Best. Pizza. Ever. The rest of the afternoon we spent with visiting some of my family. Sunday and Monday we hung out with Nathan's sister's and their families. Overall, a wonderful weekend.

So, the main reason why I've been procrastinating blogging, besides traveling, is that I've been teaching classes on Ancient Greece at the museum. Its a summer class program for kids, with art projects, learning, food, etc. The kids love it. I also dress up as Poseidon for the famous debate between Poseidon and Athena. It just makes for busy weeks. I almost forgot, Amelia had her first haircut, she was growing a mullet and it needed to go. She looks so much better without the red mullet thing going on. Also her latest thing is to change her shoes throughout the day. She loves wearing shoes. I'm pretty excited about her love of footwear.

Phew, that was a lot of updating. Now since I can't share my actual treat with you I guess you, my internet audience, will have to be satisfied with a few photo's from our summer fun. Bon appetit! (By the way, these photos are not in any particular order, hope that doesn't bug any of you with ocd. If so, then I did it on purpose just to bug you)

This photo is for Amelia's great grandparents Ruth and Stan who sent her this cute dress, she loves to wear it and carry it around.
Joanna and I at the Zoo. with Amelia, Tia and a cool dinosaur
Amelia and Nathan in front of the life size T-Rex, Amelia wasn't even scared of his loud roar.
Amelia and Aunt Katie goofing off
Amelia and Grandpa Dave
First haircut. Mullet be gone! (I know she looks naked but she does have her diaper on)
Nathan and Amelia at the Mall of America
Amelia rocking some Amish headgear
Us at BW3's in Minnesota