Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wheeler Christmas Card

We were too slow to get out Christmas cards so we decided to blog a Christmas message this year. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, soaking in every minute with friends and family. Happy new year to everyone, and may the new year bring joy and happiness to everyone.
Amelia waiting to see Santa.
Merry Christmas from Nathan, Stephanie and Amelia Wheeler

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Skip November

Yes you read that correctly, my blog skipped November. That was on purpose. November (although Thanksgiving is fun) is a hard month for me. I just run on survival mode during that month, especially the last half of the month. Now that December is upon us I will share what we have been up too since my last post. Nathan went on a business trip to Cincinnati, OH and was gone for Halloween (my favorite holiday). Amelia and I still had a blast, we went to the library Halloween carnival, out to lunch, to the mall for trick or treating AND more trick or treating around the neighborhood. Phew! What a fun and busy day. We may or may not still have Halloween candy left over. I also taught Nathan how to paint a pumpkin for his work's pumpkin contest, I think he did a great job. We continued the theme of altering famous paintings, this year was of American Gothic by Grant Wood.

Some of my Evan's family came down to celebrate my cousins birthday and we had a blast at a local corn maze at Staheli farm. Of course my aunt and I were on a team (the two most directionally impaired individuals). Lets just say our whole group was out of the corn maze and Nathan had to come rescue us after the group waited 40 minutes for us to show up. Thank goodness he found us and we followed him out. I hope everyone believes me when I say I get lost easily.

Amelia loved playing in the corn slide at Staheli Farm.
Amelia riding a horse swing.
She loved these tiny tractors.
Amelia dressed up as a monkey for Halloween, in honor of Curious George, her favorite.
Amelia's loot....I mean our loot.
Nathan painting his pumpkin, like a pro!
The finished product, I think he did a great job. Yes he did 95% of the painting, and designed the concept. I just did a tiny bit. I guess being married to an artist is rubbing off.

Thanksgiving was fun because Nathan's sister Suzanne and her hubby Stuart and the kids came down. With a little help Nathan and I made our first Thanksgiving meal and it was a SUCCESS. I know a few of you are completely shocked, but its true! I didn't burn anything and the turkey was incredibly delicious. Amelia loved having cousins to follow around and play with. The end to a perfect turkey day was jumping in with the craziness of Black Friday. I went with a friend and we hit up Target and midnight, it was insane. I loved every minute of it. Well, standing in the checkout line for an 1 hour and 45 minutes wasn't the greatest but when your with a friend you try to make the most of it. I could not believe how many people were at Mc Donald's and Del Taco at 3 am. Thats just gross.

Amelia playing with chalk on Thanksgiving.
Final prep for Thanksgiving meal.

Ps- This year my tree was up before December 1st, I broke my own rule BUT it was after Thanksgiving.

For those that are interested, Amelia is really into climbing and running around. She loves to eat the crust off her wheat bread first, she would rather snack all day and not eat dinner but we don't like that idea. She loves Elmo and Curious George and playing with chalk, and just being outside. She loves giving kisses and "shhhing" people. I can't believe she'll be 2 in a few months.