Saturday, October 2, 2010

6 months already!

Amelia is now 6 months old and as Nathan says "she's starting to be at the fun age". She talks and gabs constantly, I think she gets that from me! She also is on the move! She rolls places and then starts scooting backwards, when she figures out how to go forward we are really in for it. The baby proofing has begun.
Amelia at the ward swim party- she loves playing in the water
Wearing daddy's hat
Playing in a box
Chillin in her new highchair
Her new favorite thing is magazines- she can rip them apart in seconds!

Last weekend we went to Zion's National Park. It was the first time for Amelia and I and Nathan was really excited to take us. Entrance to the park was free and the shuttles were packed. We had a nice picnic lunch up there and went on a small hike after. Amelia LOVED it.

Amelia all tuckered out on the shuttle back to our car
Quick diaper change break
Riding on Nathan's back- Amelia loves shoulder rides so she was in heaven!
Loving the hike and being outdoors- how can you resist that smile?