Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The last few weeks-in photos!

Things are going really well- Amelia is growing so much! she is almost into 0-3 month clothes (length wise they fit but everywhere else they are still baggy). She has mastered the artful skill of drooling and blowing spit bubbles to our delight. Mother's Day was wonderful, Nathan gave me a picture frame with three photos in it. The first photo was of him when he was two months, the middle photo was Amelia at a month and the last was a photo of me a month old. What a great creative idea- I loved it! Nathan also made a super yummy dinner- he is the best! Amelia is so lucky to have him for a dad.

Tummy time! (yes she is looking at a book with art- ha ha ha)
Nathan and Amelia watching Saturday morning cartoons- they are best buddies!
Amelia next to her toys- she's growing so fast! (her crib is full of her toys since she's not sleeping in it yet- once she is they'll be removed)
Nathan and Amelia having nap time
Amelia and I on Mother's Day
I snapped this quick photo of our family (you can tell I was fast because of Nathan's expression sorry Nathan!)