Thursday, November 4, 2010

These are the days of our lives, or the past month of it!

Here are some photos of Amelia because I know thats why you are really here to see our blog!

Amelia and daddy before trick or treating

Amelia rocking out with pots and bowls- she loves bowls on her head

This is the face of the innocent child who wreaks havoc at our house

Did I mention I love Halloween?

Amelia the moo cow who cannot moo but blows raspberries instead

Sorry to those individuals who actually read this blog- my absence from the blogging world was due to the fact that my child can CRAWL! Amelia has been crawling for the last month and these past few weeks she has become very fast. She's into everything, crawling everywhere, and getting into places she cannot get out of. She has also been pulling herself up to a standing position, making her quite the climber (she can even climb out of her bumbo!). She also likes to turn pages of books, play with anything electronic, and wave to people. 7 months is such a fun age!

Nathan is preparing to go on a business trip this weekend, and Amelia and I will not be coming along. We'll be visiting my family and friends instead. I'm not looking forward to being apart from Nathan, but it will be really fun to show everyone Amelia at such a fun stage of her life. Nathan is also playing volleyball on our wards co-ed team. He is really excited to be playing again. Nathan is also convinced that Amelia will be walking by Christmas- if he is right- we're in trouble!!!

I have been quite busy with the Educational Committee at the art museum. I put together a special event next Wednesday night for our docents and its been quite the experience. I'm also teaching an art class to 3rd graders next week on Marc Chagall, which should be fun. Amelia and Nathan also had colds last week, which made for an extremely tired me. I'm so grateful that they are doing much better now and we were still able to celebrate Halloween, my favorite holiday.

I love the fall but I've been really dreading November. I'm really missing my mom right now. As much as I love Amelia, she reminds me of what I lost. Thank goodness I have such a wonderful support system all around me, I am so blessed.