Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sick of being sick

Just wanted to quickly blog whats new- Nathan caught a cold about a week or so ago and is still feeling under the weather. I don't often see him sick (because it never happens!) so I've tried to be a good little wifey and take care of him. He seems to be improving slowly, he still has a brutal cough which leads to little coughing attacks. I know tis the season for influenza, its at a peak right now, so we think that's what it is. Hopefully he gets better quickly. This has been the first time since I've known him to even take cough drops, so you can tell he's REALLY not feeling well. So far I've been lucky and haven't caught it (yet.....)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Stephanie's new hair...

SO....I decided that since I'm kinda going through the angry phase of grieving that I needed a drastic change....something edgy and artsy, Nathan was STRONGLY against my first choice of getting my nose pierced (which I must confess has always been a closet desire of mine, must be the artsy side). So that left a tattoo or changing the hair, since I REALLY don't like any pain of any kind, I opted for the haircut. Nathan loves long hair and I told him I would keep it kinda long, which meant of course it would end up shorter than I thought. I was going to go red but it fades really fast so I went a golden brown with red and blond highlights, I really love it! I now have 1/5 the hair I had, they thinned the crap out it! Which makes me love it more!!! I have normal hair!!!! Nathan thinks I'm rather silly, but he's really supportive, I lucked out with a great guy!

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Here is a side view of my new pony tail- it fits it one elastic! (never done that before!)
This is my rouge look, if I part my hair just right, all the highlights are on one side, for those days that I really feel angry at the world. Please ignore the just woke up look, I just woke up and took the pic.
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Steph's birthday trip.

On Jan. 24th Nathan took me to Hardware Ranch up Blacksmith Fork Canyon to go on a sleigh ride and see the wild elk. We bundled up and headed out even though it was raining, it was still really impressive to see these wild animals so close. This was a perfect birthday present because I have always wanted to go on a sleigh ride!

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Here's some more pictures from Hardware Ranch...

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Injured again...

On Feb. 3rd Nathan was at work and accidentally hit his head on a trailer hitch, giving himself a nice head wound that bled for a good three hours or so. He also had three goose eggs to go with it and a headache that lasted a few days. Being Nathan, he refused to go get stitches and insisted it would heal up just fine. I think he didn't want the stitches messing up his hair. He is doing much better now, and has a lovely scab, that he continues to try to pick off....much to my dismay.
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