Friday, April 22, 2011

Kites and Sickness

Well the Easter weekend we had planned has been put on hold. Amelia got sick Thursday, not just a little cold, we're talking miserable sick. She had a fever that we couldn't get to go down, even after rounds of the Ibuprofen/Tylenol combo. Thursday night, I took her into the walk in clinic. Turns out Miss Amelia has the Coxsackie Virus, aka Hand, Foot and Mouth. Except she just has the mouth infection. Poor baby has blisters in her throat. We think she caught it at the Kite Festival last Saturday. So Easter will be a chill at home weekend, since she's extremely contagious. Hopefully Nathan and I can catch up on some sleep, the past two nights with Amelia have been horrible.

Speaking of the Kite Festival, it was really fun this year. Besides Amelia licking the school bus seat which is probably where she caught the virus, kites were able to fly this year. Last year there no wind, which made for a lame festival. The other fun part about it was Garrett, Melissa and Olivia Rasmussen were able to join us! It was awesome having them stay with us for a few days while on their way to Mesa, Az. Olivia and Amelia became fast friends and it was hilarious to watch them interact together.

We also had our family photo's done at FotoFly. They are the most amazing photography studio. For those who are curious, they're located in Draper. Loved them. I highly recommend them. And because you asked nicely here are a few to enjoy: