Monday, June 7, 2010

Smiling and Family Photos

I thought I would try to post a photo of Amelia's smile because its so darn cute, the trouble is even though she is smiling all the time now (especially when people talk to her) she is also usually being very wiggly. Hence most of her smiling photos are blurry. I managed to take this one before she got too wiggly. She just loves to kick her legs and flail her arms about, even in her sleep she's wiggly. She just brightens our day!

About a month ago we had our first family photo shoot. Amelia did amazingly well she lasted about an hour and a half and was then done (which was good timing because Nathan was tired of getting his picture taken as well). We need to send some to the grandparents and get some prints for our home but I thought I would post some so everyone could see. I think they turned out great! Many thanks to my friend Rachael from Steele the Moment Photography.

We also ordered some birth announcements of Amelia and sent them to family but I thought I would post it so friends could see. They turned out really great!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

2 Months Old!!!

Amelia is two months old and we can hardly believe it! Here are her current stats: Weight 11.57 lbs (66%), Length 22.44 in (48%)- this one is hilarious because Nathan and I are so tall you'd figure our baby would be a giant! and head circumference 16.2 in (94%). Thats right our little girl has a huge head! Then again, all babies look like their heads are massive in comparison to their bodies.

Her hair is still very much strawberry blonde and looks very red in the sun- we love it! She has also discovered she can suck on her hands this past week and she sucks on them constantly- which makes a big slobbery mess that I'm always cleaning up. Also her latest trick is whining- I can't believe my two month old baby can whine but she sure can! We call it the "Aye Aye Aye's" she does it when she's not happy but before she goes into a full blown cry- its really makes us smile and laugh. I put a video of it at the end of this post so enjoy!

This is what happens when Daddy is left alone to play with Amelia.
Can you find her?
I had to post a photo of our pantry- we went to Target and they had Amelia's formula on sale (like REALLY on sale) so we stocked up. Then her pediatrician gave us 3 free cans!!!!
Amelia in her Bumbo- she only sits in it for a few minutes because she doesn't have full head control yet
Amelia's first shots
her two month photo
What better way to celebrate being two months? by having Aunt Diane and Uncle Paul stop by!
Last but not least- a video of Amelia's "aye aye aye"whine
(at 44 seconds is where you can hear it really good).

Memorial Day Weekend

Over Memorial Day weekend we also took Amelia on her first road trip up north. She slept the whole way to my grandparents house in Spanish Fork! In fact- every time we went in the car she would fall asleep. This made traveling super easy; we are very grateful she was such a good traveler since we had a lot of people to see. We traveled up to Ogden to visit Nathan's grandma (whom Amelia's middle name is after), we went to Park City to see my friend Katie (who I've known since 3rd grade) get married, and utah county to visit more family!

Amelia Violet and great grandma Violet

Amelia meeting her Aunt Suzanne and cousin Mackenzie

Katie and I at her wedding in Park City

Amelia also had the chance to visit my mom's grave for the first time. Good thing my sister Katie was there!

Amelia's first time playing on the grass- as you can see all of my cousins had to come and play too

Fun with friends

Wow we've been busy the last few weeks! Our friends Colby and Leslie came down from Logan to visit us and we had a blast with them at the Fiesta Fun Center- we introduced them to bumper boats and their lives will never be the same.
Amelia is having a blast- can't you tell?
Colby and Leslie mini golfing

Thanks for coming and staying with us on your way to Las Vegas! We had SO much fun!