Monday, April 2, 2012

Miss Amelia is 2

Our little Avie turned 2 on March 29th. Nathan took two days off for Amelia's birthday and Amelia loved having him home for a four day weekend. We had a little birthday party for Amelia complete with a few of her friends and a Curious George cake.

I can't believe my little girl is 2. Its gone by fast, however, days that are full of tantrums are probably the longest days of my life. Amelia is getting used to the fact that she goes into time-outs for misbehaving. I have found her putting her stuffed animals in time out a few times, its quite funny. Amelia is such a spunky girl, she is very picky about what Nathan wears and picks out his clothes often. She could care less what I wear but Nathan is a whole other story. She has a tantrum every day when he changes his work clothes. She is starting to be picky about wearing shoes and lately clothes. Our little nudist sure does make our days interesting.

My best friend and her family came down to visit during spring break, which was beyond awesome. I have missed her terribly since we have moved from Logan. We went to Snow Canyon and played in the sand dunes, I've never been there and it is such a fun place. It will definitely be a place we go often. Amelia loved playing in the sand and there were a lot of fun little hikes and places to explore. I kept asking Amelia if she liked hiking and she replied "UH HUH!". I think the petrified sand dunes were her favorite.

April is going to be a fun month for us. Nathan has to go back to San Diego so Amelia and I are tagging along. I am not looking forward to the drive, but Sea World and the San Diego Zoo will make up for it. Nathan has never been to either and I'm excited to go back and see how its changed. I know Amelia will love it. Hopefully she has more fun at the beach this time, last time she didn't really like the sand.

Amelia just had her 2 year old check up, she was such a trooper during her shots. I think the sucker helped. I know 2 year olds can be kinda finicky with food but Amelia eats like a bird. She has dropped from the 32% for weight to 9%. Not good. So we are now trying our best to increase her caloric intake. She could have Nathan's metabolism which means she could eat 12 cupcakes in a week and she won't gain an ounce. Her doctor is hoping supplementing her diet will help. Parenting is never easy and Amelia sure does keep things interesting. Can't wait for potty training...
Amelia enjoying her birthday cake and homemade ice cream.
Amelia's birthday cake.
Amelia playing with Playdoh.
Amelia LOVED her birthday balloons.
Amelia really enjoys painting. Its one of her new favorite activities.

Joanna and I climbing in Snow Canyon.
Amelia loved the petrified sand dunes.
Amelia and Nathan climbing in Snow Canyon.
Yay for sand dunes.
Nathan in San Diego on a business trip hanging out on Coronado Beach.