Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Amelia and I (yep- I'm back to a coppery red head)
Amelia sitting by the christmas tree, notice how she's pulled off her bow and headband, she's pretty quick at that.
This is our christmas card photo this year- we thought it would be funny if we all wore winter hats and short sleeve shirts because of the weather down here. Of course Amelia is slightly blurry, trying to get a 8 month old to sit still for a minute is INSANE...
Candy cane from Santa, I gave it to her to play with and next thing I know she broke it in half and was sucking on it. She was not a happy camper when I took it away.
Amelia and Santa, I was so happy she didn't cry or yank on his beard. She just stared at him. By the way this Santa totally looked legit.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fall Fun

I had the chance to take Amelia to visit the school my mom worked at, Farnsworth was like a second family to us growing up. This is a photo of Amelia and I sitting on one of the two benches they have at the enterance of the school. The bench says "In Memory of Julie Felgar".
Amelia playing with her aunt Katie, she loves her aunt Katie.
Amelia and Nathan playing in the snow in Arizona.
Her new favorite thing- the stairs.
Amelia and Nana on Thanksgiving.

I know I've kinda turned into one of those bloggers who only updates every month, so I apologize. In my defense Amelia has become super mobile. Like mega lightening fast. She turned 8 months on monday and yesterday she crawled up 5 stairs! Today I wanted to show Nathan how great she was at climbing up the stairs and she crawled up all 16 of them. This morning I made the mistake of turning my back for a moment and where do I find her? she climbed up 3 stairs! She also left teeth marks on the coffee table when I went to get a drink. I can't leave her alone for a second.

Thanksgiving went really well, we drove to Nathan's parents home in Arizona and spent time with family. Amelia loved thanksgiving food, especially pumpkin pie, she would have ate the whole slice if I had let her. She also experienced snow for the first time and didn't know really how to react to it. She has also become quite the funny gal with food. If she can see someone eating something she really wants to eat it too. She's also loves to stand up and hold on to the furniture and walk, she is growing up so fast. (And she has two bottom teeth)

November was kinda a rough month, emotionally (for me), but thanks to the love and support from our family and friends, we made it through. The art museum is currently running a fabulous modern art exhibit which thrills me beyond belief. I was also asked to be a part of a group of local artists who design sidewalk art for the New Year's Eve celebration, which is nerve wracking and exciting.

Nathan is enjoying playing volleyball and works super hard. I asked him what I should add on his behalf and of course he replied nothing. So needless to say he is doing well and loves being a dad.