Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summer Lovin'

Yes, I've been at it again. Procrastinating with this blog. When will I learn? Who knows...

Well August was a pretty good month for us. We took Amelia camping for the first time with my grandparents. She liked playing in the tent but the first night was terrible, we could not get her to go to sleep. Finally at 4:00 am we drove down Payson Canyon to my grandparents house and spent the night there. The following night she slept in the trailer without any issues. I guess tents are for playing but not for sleeping in her mind. She loved running around and didn't want to stop even to eat, she even tried her first roasted marshmallow. AND for those that are wondering she did eat some dirt, and she is still alive, although I did try my hardest to keep her from doing it.
Eating her first roasted marshmallow
We even found a mini Bryce Canyon!
Amelia loved exploring.
This is my favorite photo of Nathan and Amelia at the lake.

Amelia and I also helped my cousin move into SUU (Southern Utah University). Amelia loved helping unpack and running up and down the dorm hall. I couldn't believe how nostalgic I was that day. Remembering all the fun times I had in college and how that time is now past. I had someone give me directions thinking I was a student, which was better than the freshman I met in my cousins dorm who thought I was moving my daughter in. Yeah that aged me about 20 years or so.

Labor Day was fun because we just stayed home and played. I did go pick up my cousin (from SUU) and she spent Sunday and Monday with us. She gave Amelia a Ho Ho and they were instant friends. For the record, I took most of the Ho Ho away. I didn't want you thinking I was a bad parent, giving my child a whole Ho Ho... Our neighbor gave us a box that was the same height as Nathan so of course he went down the stairs in it. Amelia went down with him twice. The box proved to be quite fun. Amelia also had a blast playing with water in the sink with my cousin, Amelia loves playing in water.

Nathan hiding under the box and wiggling his finger through a hole.
Amelia playing outside.
Found daddy!
Amelia playing with my cousin- loving the bubbles.
Amelia playing with Nathan-ignore the messy house por favor.

We've had a pretty good summer and we can't wait for fall. For those of you that are enjoying fall weather we are jealous, and you can be jealous that its still pretty much summer here.

Can't wait for October, Halloween is my favorite holiday and I want to break out the halloween stuff...must wait...until October 1st! I can do it- I can do it- I can do it!!! maybe :)