Saturday, July 10, 2010

Best Friends and Aquariums

While up north for our big 4th of July shindig we had the chance to meet up with my best friend and her family in Sandy. They drove down from Logan just to meet up with us. It was so good to see them. I really miss her! We went to the aquarium and then had lunch at Joe's Crab Shack (in honor of the fish). I just know Tia and Amelia will be great friends (once Amelia is a little older!). Can't wait until our next get together!!!!!

Nathan showing Amelia the stingrays. The stingray even popped out of the water and almost touched her feet (which means I almost punched the stingray for touching my kid!).
Joanna and I- oh how I miss this girl!
Joanna showing Tia the penguins, she loved them!

Amelia was fascinated with the fish tanks especially the bright colored fish and the bubbles
more fish tank fun!

Catch up time!

Sorry its been so long since I've posted but things have been a little crazy here. We've celebrated Father's Day, met up with an old roommate and had a HUGE shindig over the 4th of July. Here are some photo's from our latest adventures.

Over the 4th of July weekend we had a baptism and two baby blessings!
Here is Mackenzie (second on the left) who was baptized. She was so excited to be baptized on the 4th of July!!!
Here is Amelia in her blessing dress with purple shoes! She just loves to practice standing
Nathan is such a proud papa- he even tried to feed Amelia a cookie (luckily he was caught!)

Amelia had way too much fun over the 4th of July weekend with all of her cousins! She even got to flaunt her style (with some help from her cousins).
We had a lot of fun at the Wheeler bbq; this was the first time baby Sarah and Amelia met. Sarah is only ten days older than Amelia and they were both blessed on the 4th of July.
We celebrated Nathan's first official Father's Day! Amelia even wore her "I love my daddy" onsie in honor of his special day. He received things he asked for and even a batch of burned cookies- boy he sure is loved!
We had the chance to meet up with my old roomie Lizzy and her family. It was fun to have our kids meet (and yes its completely surreal that we have kids now!) It was really good to see them briefly as they were passing through.