Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Birthday Easter shindig

Well we survived the birthday/Easter weekend of 2013.  I'm happy to report that everything went relatively smoothly and Amelia had a blast.  On Amelia's actual birthday (Friday) I took her to the store and let her pick out two new books, she was very excited.  We also colored Easter eggs as a family and this time Amelia didn't dump the dye on me.  A vast improvement from last year.  Nathan's sister Nancy and her two girls came down on friday and we were able to spend some time with them.  We really like that our house is the "Wheeler Bed & Breakfast", we love having people stay, whether they are traveling through or just down for a visit.  Saturday morning we took everyone to an Easter egg hunt that the city sponsored.  It was a madhouse of kids running around grabbing candy but the girls had fun.  Amelia was hilarious, she just looked at the candy on the ground slightly confused as to why everyone was going crazy around her.  She tends to shy up in crowds or around big groups of people.  She was thrilled to get some suckers though.  We snagged a photo with Alice, from Alice in Wonderland, who was there helping with the egg hunt.  I have no idea why they had Alice and not a bunny but frankly I'm glad.  Easter bunny characters are kinda creepy.  I don't think i've ever seen a decent looking one.

Saturday afternoon we had a bunch of Amelia's friends come over for her pirate party.  I was a little nervous having it over Easter weekend but it went well and most of her friends were able to join us.  The party guests "walked the plank" for pirate hats, the plank was a huge hit.  If you want to entertain toddlers set up a plank.  Seriously, they played on it for over 20 minutes.  The kids also colored Jolly Roger flags, got pirate tattoos and played "pin the x on the treasure map".  Amelia was the only kid who refused to pin an x on the map.  She stood off to the side cheering and clapping for everyone else. She also didn't want to blow out her birthday candles so Nathan had to assist with that.  My dad drove down for her party and she was really excited that she was able to play with "Pop Pop" on Saturday.  Amelia's favorite birthday gift she received this year was definitely her tennis racket and training tennis balls.  Nathan and I bought them for her a few months ago and we've been excited to give them to her.  She loves playing with ours.  She loves to practice her "groundies" in the kitchen and generally use the racket like its a hockey stick.  She still plays with it everyday and I had to take it away for her on Sunday when I wanted to take some Easter photos of her.  They didn't turn out so well.

Nathan had early meetings on Sunday so he wasn't around for the mini Easter egg hunt my dad and I put together for Amelia.  We really kept her Easter basket stuff low key this year since she just had a birthday.  Watching her search around the living room for eggs was delightful.  My dad left Sunday morning and we had a really mellow rest of the day.  Complete with snacking on candy and untraditional Easter food for dinner.

Lets see, what else have we been up to.... We took Amelia to the annual Rubber Ducky Drop at the rec center which was a lot of fun.  The rec center reserves the pool for an open swim for the event.  Amelia  loves swimming so she had blast.  She was so excited to go to the pool she put her swim suit on a few hours before the event.  I tried to get her to wait but she is incredibly stubborn.  The ducky drop is divided up by age groups and every kid leaves with a ducky which they exchange for a prize.  Amelia's age group received a floaty tube thing, I'm sure she will play with it quite a bit this summer.

Nathan has been incredibly busy at work lately.  He's been in charge of audits and teaching training classes,  his plate is quite full at the moment.  We are looking forward to his schedule being a little less hectic.  I taught an Easter class at the art museum and two of my students from my summer classes showed up. To be perfectly honest, I was overjoyed when they showed up, they are my favorite students. I probably shouldn't have favorites but oh well.  I do.  It was such a wonderful surprise.  I'm excited for this summer to have them in my classes again.  Since last summer was Roman Art this summer is Medieval Art.  I'm really looking forward to classes, I know the kids are going to love learning about Knights and Vikings.  I'm looking forward to sneaking in 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' references/jokes.

Not much else is going on in our neck of the woods.  We are excited that Amelia is three (although she is adamant that she is still two).  It sure has been an interesting ride watching her personality grow. Summer is nearly upon us and with that means family vacations, playing outside (with copious amounts of sunscreen), going to the pool and bbq's with friends. I'm looking forward to all of it, minus the heat.

 Amelia with her new tennis racket.

 Dying Easter eggs.

 At the Easter egg hunt at the park. Wearing her pirate(ish) shirt for her party. 

 Amelia's pirate ship cake. 

 Us and Alice. 

 Captain Amelia, using her kaleidoscope as a telescope. 

 Nancy and her girls with Alice. 

 Coloring Jolly Roger flags at her party. 

 Blowing out the candles. Love Amelia's expression. So typical Amelia, "You want me to do what?".

 Nathan playing "pin the X on the treasure map". I painted the map. 

 Opening presents. 

 My dad trying to get a photo of Amelia in her Easter dress. Notice the racket....

 Amelia searching for Easter eggs Sunday morning, with her new backpack. She wears it everywhere. 

 Amelia climbed up onto the bar to get to her pirate bag and Easter candy. I stepped out of the room to get my keys and this is how I found her. She promptly stated "Mom get me down".

Amelia and my dad trying to take Easter photos. If you look close you can see her pirate tattoo on her hand. Perfect Easter accessory. 

 More pics of my pirate. 

Amelia pretending to have a telescope (before she used her kaleidoscope) while saying "I see an island!" 

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